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Heterodox and pre-Romantics

Autor: ( José Luis Cano )

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Spain took the second half of the eighteenth century a large group of enlightened men and delivered with passion and talent to the task of bringing home the moral and scientific progress of other European nations.
There were men, and there were concerns and the desire to keep pace demanded by changing times. And it is very likely that in the absence of the Napoleonic invasion and the War of Independence, which led back to the throne to Ferdinand VII, we had been able to accede to the European movement of culture and democracy, the necessary pace.
The romantic sensibility that dominates most of the nineteenth century and heralds in the last third of the eighteenth century, and the critical and reformist attitude, it takes at the end of last century, the generation of 98, has a precursor in the mood gesture critical and social concerns of our eighteenth-century Enlightenment: Jovellanos, Moratín, Goya, Cienfuegos, Quintana, Blanco White ...
The present volume deals with his life and his work: poets, painters, writers, travelers, illustrated ... maverick whose rebellious spirit led them sometimes to jail or into exile, and they did support a strong sense of love of country with a sincere desire for social reform, an ardent love for humanity and a hatred of intolerance and injustice.

José Luis Cano (Algeciras, December 28, 1911-Madrid, February 15, 1999). Poet, essayist, translator and literary critic.
It's probably one of the most familiar with the poetry of the generation of 27, which was built in supporter in a very difficult time for Spanish culture, as was the one that followed the Civil War.
José Luis Cano knew, from friends, almost all the great poets of the 27, and Emilio Prados, who presented in 1930 to Federico García Lorca, Vicente Aleixandre, which focuses his book The Notebooks of Velintonia (1986) - Luis Cernuda, Manuel Altolaguirre, Rafael Alberti, Gerardo Diego, Damaso Alonso, etc. Devoted a significant and important part of his work to study all of them and the poets of later generations. Wrote biographies of Antonio Machado and Federico Garcia Lorca.
In 1943 creates the Adonais Collection of poetry, which lead up to 1960, collection of which became known poets such as José Hierro and Claudio Rodriguez and we one of the most important poetry prizes, the Premio Adonais.
Founded in 1946, with Enrique Canito, the legendary magazine Insula, where he works first as secretary, then as deputy director and since 1983 as director.
As a poet, has an outstanding work: Bay Sonnets (1942), Voice of Death (1945), persecuted Wings (1945), Autumn in Málaga and Other Poems (1955), Light of the time (1962), Poetry . 1942-1962 (1964), Poems to Susan (1984) or forgotten Poems (1991). In 2001 he published his Complete Poetry.

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